Announcing Pinstachio

The first beta for Pinstachio is here!

Pinstachio is a new Mac micro-client for Pinboard, and I hope that you’ll consider giving it a try if you have a Pinboard account.

But wait, what? Micro-client? Yes, this is not a full-featured client for Pinboard. It’s a small and simple Mac app that lives exclusively in your menu bar.

So, what does it do, exactly? Well… 1. It saves the current website you’re viewing from Safari or Chrome into Pinboard, all without the need for extensions on each browser. 2. It shows your most recent items that you have saved to your Pinboard account. 3. That’s pretty much it!

The gimmick here is that its use revolves around the use of hotkeys (which you can assign) for saving the current website you’re using without the need of clicking through the app’s menu bar icon. It also fetches your tags so that they can be autofilled as you type possible tags.

So if you wanted a bite-sized Pinboard app for your Mac, please give Pinstachio a try!

You can download the beta directly through this link. If you find a bug or something that’s just not quite right, please let me know through the app or here.

The app itself comes with a 14-day free trial without limitations, and will cost $4.99 USD. But for any testers who try it right now and like it, I’m offering a 50%-off coupon. On checkout (powered by Paddle), simply enter the coupon: THANKS4TESTING

The coupon will expire when Pinstachio 1.0 leaves its beta state.

That’s it for now. Over the next few days, I’m going to be talking more about Pinstachio and what went on behind the scenes (I promised more writing in the previous post, after all!). I’ll cover topics such as: what can be expected of the 1.0, what’s planned for the future, and my experience of moving from an App Store distribution to an external distribution.

Thanks for reading!


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