Back in Action

I’ve had MacRecon for a long time. I got it when I was a high school student and turned it into a Mac blog with moderate success. Then the iPhone came around, and then it wasn’t only a Mac blog – it was an Apple blog.

By the time I was in college studying computer science, it then became an Apple blog with apps. If by any chance you’ve followed since and remember that those were small and simple apps. The first one was TipAgent, a tip calculator.

But eventually, the apps overtook the blog. Also, being a full-time student was hard. The blog was abandoned (and archived, somewhere still in my old files), and MacRecon became the brand for my indepent app development efforts.

There were some nice apps. I remember TaskAgent very fondly, but, unfortunately, I could never figure out how to market it. In the end, the sales weren’t enough to justify further development, sadly. Then other apps went the same way, until only Fileup and Sidefari remained.

Today, I am trying something. MacRecon, which has long spent its last year or so “under construction” is finally returning into something familiar: a micro blog with the independent app development shop attached to it.

My intentions are to post more Apple-related posts (and, who knows, maybe even more general things, as long as it is relevant to the apps), since I love writing words besides code. The posts may not necessarily be long like this one, but I want to see if I am able to keep it up. I have a full-time job at a wonderful company, after all.

Also, if you’ve read this far, I would like to pre-announce a new and very simple app coming soon to the Mac: Pinstachio. It’s one that I’ve had rattling up in my head for a while now, and the beta is nearly complete. I am being purposefully vague about the app, but, if you’re still reading this, I hope you’ll consider giving it a go as soon as the beta is ready. I’ll, of course, put the full details in this blog. So if you have a account, why not give this account a follow?

Thanks for reading!


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