Download Pinstachio for macOS from here.

Pinstachio is a small Mac utility for use with that quickly saves the website addresses of something that catches your eye or want to refer to later. It also allows you to see your most recent saved websites. Think of it like a micro-client for Pinboard!

It features:

+Keyboard shortcuts to quickly save from the web page you’re currently browsing. The browsers currently supported are: Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

+“Quick Pin” option to save the website in one swift action.

+“Pin” option to save the website and allow to add more information, like tags.

+A share extension for macOS that allows you to save URLs from other sources, where such an extension is supported.

+Shows your most recent saved websites for quick access.

Pinstachio has a 14-day free trial where all features are available. You can download it from here. If you like Pinstachio, it can be purchased directly through the app for $4.99 (powered by Paddle).

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